12 April 2015

UKYA Recommends | #UKYADAY

Today is officially #UKYADAY which has been created and hosted by the wonderful Lucy from Queen of Contemporary (blog) & LucytheReader (youtube). There is a whole host of amazing liveshows, Q&As, giveaways and so much more happening throughout the day - check out the full schedule.

I was contacted by Lucy a couple of weeks ago, who expressed her wish to broaden the awareness of UKYA and the amazing books that are written by UKYA authors, so I thought I'd help out in my own way by creating a UKYA Recommends video with 5 books I really enjoyed and highly recommend to you.

Enjoy the video :-)

1) The Witches of the Glass Castle - Goodreads Page
2) If You Were Me - Goodreads Page
3) One of Us - Goodreads Page
4) The Rain - Goodreads Page
5) The Storm - Goodreads Page